akinoga press is a baltimore-based micro-press that (for now) specializes in small editions of hand-bound chapbooks. founded in 2013, the press was initially a means for poet/book artist mychael zulauf to consolidate all of his book arts projects, but it very quickly turned into a means for him to connect with the myriad writers he knows and create a space and home for their words. The press actively seek out work that is quiet, small, odd, easily-missed, and 100% needs to be read.


mychael zulauf - founder, editor, designer,
                                      printer, binder, puns


email: akinogapress@gmail.com
twitter: @mychaelzulauf
instagram: @one_meh_man


akinoga press is currently closed for submissions/unsolicited manuscripts; check back in mid-2019 for the next reading period.

If you are familiar with the press and catalogue, and you feel like you have a manuscript/project that meshes with akinoga's aesthetics and mission, please keep the press in mind when the reading period is open again.