if you are in the baltimore area, please join akinoga press at Charmington's at 7 for the release of anthony moll's debut poetry chapbook, Go to the Ant, O Sluggard! local writers drew robison and michelle dwyer gerlowski will also be reading and selling their wares.

Go to the Ant will be $10 at the release (plus a boh), and i will be accepting credit cards (i would actually prefer credit).

there will also be boh available for donation (starting at $3 cash).

come on out and show some support for an amazing local poet, teacher, and all around great person! it will be a blast of a time!


bright and shiny kind of news!

hello, friends!

i am thrilled to announce that, in a little over a month, akinoga press will be publishing Go to the Ant, O Sluggard, anthony molls's debut poetry chapbook. anthony and i have been working on the book for about a year, if not longer, and i am so incredibly impatient to share this wonderful collection with everyone.

if you are in baltimore on may 23rd, please consider coming to the book release! as soon as we figure out a venue and a time, i will disseminate that information like nobody's business.

for now, though, please check back in for in-process pictures of the Great Chapbook Binding of 2016, aka mychael gets to stitch and glue together sixty books.


once more unto the breech

hello, friends!

welcome to the brand new akinoga press website. i am still getting my sea legs with squarespace, so please bear with me if anything is not up to whatever it should be up to.

that being said, this saturday i will be back with some exciting official press news (here's a hint: the press has a new book coming out...finally).

more details to follow!