spotlight: Native Tongue vol. 1: fall / winter

Re: Native Tongue...

Native Tongue: fall / winter is volume one of Jack Slocomb’s debut full-length poetry collection. It is a tenderly-crafted love song to the Alleghenies written by one of its native sons. The mountains were formed 270 millions ago, and you feel every bit of their history and influence throughout these poems. Native Tongue is a proclamation of how the landscape seeps into its people, both consciously and unconsciously.

Advance praise for Native Tongue

“Slocomb’s Native Tongue beautifully communicates the sights, sounds, and feelings of a solitary explorer in the Allegheny mountains. In addition to striking imagery, Slocomb’s poems emphasize the transcendent power of nature, surprising readers with instances of rejuvenation – rather than death – during the fall and winter seasons. Slocomb immerses his readers in sensory delight.”

Dr. Amy Branam Armiento, associate professor of English at Frostburg State University

Excerpt from Native Tongue:


The shadow of
a great bird
slides swiftly
across the trail,
then off to someplace

The glory of it
lifts me
like a ghost
out of my boots
and sets me soaring too
through the whole