akinoga press trying something a little different this reading period. I’m not looking for manuscripts this time around…at least, not quite. Instead, i want to know about your projects/concepts!

Have a thing you’ve been wanting to write, but need that initial push? Have a thing you’ve been working on for a while and want to finish? A manuscript lying around that you’re not sure what to with/what it wants to be? A vague idea of something that could probably be a chapbook? An essay collection? Some weird hybrid of the two? I want to hear about it!

how to submit:
To submit your project/concept, please email me at and include

1) who you are/a bit about yourself
2) what your project/concept is

If it sounds like something that would vibe well with the press, i’ll get in touch and we can go from there!
Please, do not send me manuscripts. All i want is your pitch, nothing else.

Also, before submitting your project/concept, please (as best you can) familiarize yourself with the press in order to determine if its the best home for your work.

And, full disclosure: if a project is accepted, the absolute earliest it would be published is fall 2021. That’s not a guarantee—just when the publishing slots begin to open up again. So, if you have something you want to get out earlier than that, i totally understand! No worries. Just keep me in mind for your next project.

The consideration period closes on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 31. But don’t worry! If this proves as sustainable as i hope it is, another consideration period will be open in earlyish 2020.