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Re: To Tracy...

TO TRACY LIKE / TO LIKE / LIKE is a poem-turned-chapbook by Tracy Dimond. Composed as emails sent from herself, to herself, the poem is a long-form meditation on the ramifications of existing as female-bodied (and bodied in general) in contemporary society. It explores the ubiquitousness of sexism, fears about vulnerability and health, and the political act that is simply staying alive.

excerpt from TO TRACY LIKE / TO LIKE / LIKE:

To ME:
I don’t want to be fragile.
How can I be gentle?
Your wound may be known,
but you are not vulnerable.

Someone asked me if I was a student,
then yelled at me because I was not.
I will not apologize for your expectation.
Value exists within your bitcoin account.
Ownership lies in subjective rules.
Like, buying a street is cheaper than buying a house.

To ME:
Linda asked what will you write about when you’re old?
I said whatever, they better listen.
They as in everyone.
Bodies are not quiet.
She looked like Madonna the other night
in the I will not apologize for being me way.
I intend to wear my wrinkles like young women wear chokers:
Bright and uneven.