early 2019 updates!!!


I have some things to share!!!

First up, i would like to send massive amounts of thanks to Marc di Saverio (author of Sanatorium Songs, Palimpsest Press 2015) for writing this wonderful blurb for Stanford Cheung’s STRUCTURES FROM THE STILL!

“The lyrical "clarity and sage-like terseness of Cheung's subtly explosive lines would make the Imagist Pound himself take full notice of this young, practiced, fully-arrived debut poet of the future.”

Find more blurbs and info about (and even an excerpt from) STRUCTURES FROM THE STILL here!

Second, i started a new sidecast of so…poetry? called so…poetry? reviews, in which i review books, podcast-style! They are envisioned to be companions to the interview/conversations of so…poetry?, and i am currently two episodes deep (Jane: a murder by Maggie Smith and After the Quake by Haruki Murakami).
I expect the review sidecast to continue for a good looooong while, so keep an eye out for them; they usually drop early in the month.